About the Center:

The Grace Care Center houses over 30 girls aged 5-18, orphaned by the civil war, the 2004 tsunami and poverty. Located in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, the Center provides a comfortable, healthy and safe place for dozens of elders without family support.


The Center’s Need for Power:

Currently, the Grace Care Center’s power grid is very unreliable with frequent power outages that can last for days. This makes it difficult for the girls to study and perform normal day-to-day tasks. It also makes providing care for the elderly a challenge.

Bringing reliable, renewable energy to the center will help them overcome many of their current challenges and provide them with the power they need to achieve success in the classroom and live healthier lives.



How We Can Help:

We are designing and developing an off-grid system that will power a classroom at the orphanage, allowing the girls to charge laptops and study into the night.

The girls will also gain hands-on experience learning about off-grid power systems. Consequently, this will help aid in new opportunities for workforce development as the girls move on from the orphanage.

The gear for the system will be housed in a new shed. The main system components are as follows:

  • 3,000 watts of solar
  • 1 charge controller
  • 1 inverter
  • 8 batteries

For the logistics of this project, we are working with staff and students from the University of Michigan and the medical and business community of greater Ann Arbor — whom Grace has a deep relationship with.

To make this solar-powered initiative a reality, we need to raise $15,000. Please consider donating today. Every little bit helps.

For more information about the Grace Care Center, visit srilankaorphanage.org